Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oh Boy, Okay, Simmer Down

June?! WTF, JUNE?!

Life's trucking right along. Work is driving me crazy after the office sustained several scary roller-coasters of long-timers leaving, new people not working out-ing, responsibilities shifting to yours truly temporarily-ing. Good to get money, that's what I keep telling myself. Get that money and have a fantastic wedding with all that mad cheddah, girl.

It's been awhile. Mom visited! And she brought my best friend with her! It was an awesome weekend. Unfortunately my mother has a shitty daughter and I got completely confused about plans for length of stay and sort of fucked up what she was expecting, but it was great while it lasted. Didn't hurt that I got paid (get money!) that weekend, so I was free to shop while we were in Milwaukee and shop we did, Internet denizens, shop we did. The Third Ward (it's so cool I can say it now, instead of subbing "world" for "ward") is where it's at, and it is cool shopping. I want to go back.

I think my favorite part was doing goofy face masks with my mom. The whole weekend was wonderful, but that was my favorite part. It was calm and comfy and kinda silly, and we got to be in front of a mirror for the better part of it. Vanity, thy name is Alex, Slathered in Catastrophe Cosmetic. Shout out to LUSH for this expensive but heartwarming moment of mother-daughter bonding.

Josh is doing really well at work. I'm so proud of him. A lot of his friends have had a tough time at the company and for a while, so was he. But he's really put his smart smart nose to the grindstone and would appear (I like hearing about what he does but generally the implications go right over my head) to be doing great. 

I'm trudging along at work. Should be getting to switch back to part time next month, and that I am excited about something that will make me less money than I am currently making should clue you in to how difficult it is for me to drag my tired ass into the shower every morning for another go at the rat race. 

Growing a pineapple. Got new phones (Galaxy Nexus, love mine). Wedding's still on. Volunteering at the library going really well. Got an AB for my spring class-- waited waited waaaaaaited for my final project grade which was perfect, didn't get an A because I didn't do all the discussion posts, fuck me. Lesson learned. LUSH (it's more manifest than destiny if the space being considered is my bathroom) Henna-d my hair, very happy with the shiny brown results. It turned out a little darker than it is naturally and I think it makes it look fancy. Digging it.

Work is wearing me out, so no fun food adventures. We did get a frozen yogurt place at long last! Next to several eateries so it makes for a nice little date night. Thank you, Madison Orange Leaf franchise. Josh got me a new laptop (it was an extra-nice week in the sexual favors department) as a congrats, you got in to graduate school! gift, and it has a webcam so I've gotten to Skype with my mom and Hannah a few times. It's so good to see them when we talk, does my heart good. If you guys are reading this, sorry that very earnest sentiment ended up in a paragraph in which I divulge I (partially) expressed gratitude for my nice laptop via sexual escapades. Twice now. This doesn't make my joy to see you any less real, I promise.

Gonna go curl up on the couch with the man who means the world to me and watch the latest subbed episode of Fate/Zero.

Keep on keepin' on, home slices.